MCGOP Central Committee, August 9th, 2018

While the official minutes have yet to be approved by the members and published by the Secretary, here are some highlights that take effect immediately.

Caleb Van Bloem was elected Morgan County Republican Party, Vice Chair.

Volunteers for the committees needed in the upcoming events were accepted:

      • Candidate Walk - Oct 20th (breakfast then go out and talk to registered voters)
        • Kera Birkland
        • Caleb Van Bloem
        • Jennifer Clark
      • Lincoln Day Dinner - Date TBD
        • Clark Fowers
        • Gwen Rich
        • Mindy Savage
        • Justin Rees
      • Organizing Convention
        • Caleb Van Bloem
        • Joe Coles
        • Trevor Smith
      • 2019 Fund Raising
        • Blaine Hone
        • Kera Birkland
        • Lydia Nuttal
      • Independence Day Float
        • Blaine Hone

Another work-group committee is forming over the next few months to work with SCC Rep. M. Bret Haney on the the By-law additions needed for defining a candidate nomination process.  Bret is asking for broad based participation from the Central Committee such that every Legislative District in Morgan County has input in developing the proposals.  The County Central Committee, as governing body of the Morgan County Republican Party, will take the proposals, modify as needed and finalize the nomination process.  Blaine Hone (Leg. District 4) and Rob Franke (Leg. District 3) volunteered.


The next County Central Committee meeting is "tentatively" scheduled for Oct. 25th, 2018.  final date and location to be published by the Party Secretary.