MCGOP Constitution

Of the
Morgan County Republican Party


We, as members of the Morgan County Republican Party, grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, desiring to perpetuate principles of free government and the blessings of liberty to our posterity, do establish and adopt this Constitution.  This Constitution and accompanying Bylaws, in any, are exclusive governing rules of the Morgan County Republican Party.

Article I
Name, Purpose and Membership

A.     Name:  The name of this organization shall be the Morgan County Republican Party, also referred to as the County Party or the Party.

B.     General Purposes:  The Party shall nominate and support the election of Republican candidates in partisan races for Public office, promote the principles set forth in the County Party platform, and perform Party functions set forth in the election laws of the State of Utah and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party.

C.     Membership:  Party membership is open to any resident of Morgan County who identifies with the Republican Party as a member.

Article II

A.     Bylaws:  The Morgan County Central Committee may adopt Bylaws to govern subjects not covered by the Constitution.  Such enactments shall not be inconsistent with this Constitution.

B.     Adoption and Modifications.

1.     By the County Central Committee.  Any Bylaws adopted or modified by the County Central Committee shall be binding and in full force and effect when adopted by a majority of a quorum of the County Central Committee.

  • 2.     By the County Convention.  The delegates to the County Convention may adopt or modify Bylaws by a 2/3 vote.

Article III

A.     County Party Officers.  The Officers of the County Party shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.

B.     Duties of Officers

1.     Chair.  The County Party Chair shall serve as the Chief Executive officer of the County Party and as the Chair of the county Central Committee.  The Chair may make necessary appointments subject to the approval of the county Party Central Committee.  The term of office shall be two years.

2.     Vice-Chair.  The County Vice-Chair shall serve as Vice-Chair of the County Party and as Vice Chair of the County Central Committee.  The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in his or her duties and perform the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence.  The term of office shall be two years.

3.     Secretary-Treasurer.  The County Party Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as the Secretary of the County Central Committee and as Secretary of the County Convention.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall provide timely notices of all meetings and take and maintain minutes and attendance records of the County Central Committee.  The County Party Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as Treasurer of the County Party, and the Treasurer of the County Central Committee.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep and maintain financial records.  The term of office shall be two years.  The County Party Secretary shall prepare reports for the State Party office.

C.     Election of Officers

Delegates to the County Party organizing convention held on odd-numbered years shall elect the County Party Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary Treasurer.

D.     Replacement of County or Precinct Officers.

1.     Vacancies.  Officer vacancies shall be filled within ninety (90) days of the vacancy by the County Central Committee.

2.     Removal.  Any officer may be removed by a 60% vote of all the voting members of the County Central Committee.

3.     Meeting Attendance:  Any officer who fails to perform his/her duties will be considered to have vacated his/her office.  Unexcused absences from two consecutive meetings, lack of support for Party functions, shall constitute failure to perform.

Article IV
County Central Committee

A.     Powers.  The County Central Committee shall be the governing and policy-making body of the Party.

B.     Membership.  The voting members of the County Central Committee shall consist of the County Party Chair, the County Party Vice-Chair, the County Party Secretary- Treasurer, and the Chair or Vice-Chair of each Precinct Republican Party.

C.     Meetings:  The County Central Committee shall meet at least yearly.  The Chair or 25% of all the voting members of the County Central Committee may call special County Central Committee meetings.

D.     Quorum:  A quorum of the County Central Committee is a majority of all the voting members of the County Central Committee.  In order to conduct binding business, the County Central Committee must have a quorum in attendance.

Precinct Parties

A.     Constitution and Bylaws.  Each Precinct Party may adopt a Constitution and/or Bylaws.  If they choose not to, then they shall follow the County Party Constitution and/or Bylaws.

B.     Precinct Party Officers.  Precinct Party Officers are elected on even numbered years at neighborhood caucus meetings.  Caucus attendees shall elect a Precinct Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, or Vice-Chair/Secretary/Treasurer combined into one position.

C.     Function of Precinct Parties.  The Precinct Parties and the County Party shall cooperate in working to elect Republicans, raising funds, holding annual conventions, and in promoting Republican ideas.


A.     County Party Budget.  The fiscal year for county parties shall run from July 1 through the next June 30.  The County Central Committee shall approve a county budget.


A.     Ratification.  The Constitution shall be binding when approved by a majority vote of the delegates present at a County Party Convention.

B.     Review:  The Constitution shall be reviewed by the County Central Committee at least every odd numbered year prior to the organizating convention.

C.     Amendments:  The Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members at a County Central Committee present at any meeting with a quorum present, if subsequently ratified by a majority vote of the Delegates at the County Convention.  This Constitution may also be amended by 2/3 vote of Delegates at the County Convention.

D.     Severability:  If any portion of this Constitution is ever declared void, all other portions shall remain binding and effective.


A.     Effective Date:  All provisions of this Constitution, except Article IX, shall be in full force and effect after approval of this Constitution by the County Convention.

B.     Article IX.  Article IX shall be in full force and effect at the point that power to control caucus and convention procedures is transferred to the Party, either by legislative or court action.

Caucus and Convention Procedures

Section 1.  Party Caucuses

A.     Each Precinct Party shall designate a location for Party Caucuses to be held on a date designated by the State Republican Party of each even-numbered year.  The caucus shall convene at 7:00 p.m.

B.     The County Party shall give notice of each individual caucus meeting by notifying the local news media and requiring three notices be posted in the precinct.

C.     Each individual caucus shall be open to any Utah citizen who resides in the precinct who will be at least 18 by the time of that year’s general election.

D.     The caucus shall elect a Precinct Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer, or a Vice-Chair/Secretary/Treasurer combined into one position.

E.     Delegates shall be selected at each caucus to represent the precinct at County Conventions.  The County Party shall designate, based upon the relative Republican strength of each precinct, the number of delegates to be elected in each individual caucus meeting.  Relative Republican strength shall be calculated by aggregating the total combined county Republican votes cans at the previous election for governor/lieutenant governor, attorney general, state auditor, and state treasurer, excluding the vote for any candidate who had no opposition.  Each precinct’s portion of the aggregate vote shall be calculated on a strict percentage basis.

F.     If any precinct fails to elect sufficient delegates to the county convention, the County Central Committee may designate delegates to the county convention from qualified members residing in the precinct.

G.     The number of delegates to the state convention shall be set by the State Central Committee and the state convention delegates shall be chosen at the  neighborhood caucus meetings.

H.     If an elected delegate dies, resigns, or is disqualified prior to the convention, the precinct chair shall appoint a replacement from qualified members within the precinct.

Section 2.  Nominating Conventions

A.     The County Party shall nominate candidates for partisan or  Non-Partisan offices at a nominating convention to be held in each even numbered year.

B.     At the time and place set for the county nominating convention, the name of each person who has filed a declaration of candidacy may be placed in nomination for the office for which the declaration was filed.

C.     When the number of candidates filing declarations of candidacy is no greater than the number of nominees required for the next general election, those candidates shall be declared to be the Party’s nominees for those offices and shall not be required to run at either the nominating convention or the primary election.

D.     Following the nominating and acceptance speeches made on behalf of the candidates for office, the delegates shall vote.  The county convention shall provide time and voting facilities so that all delegates may vote.

E.     Each delegate shall cast one vote for each office to be filled.

F.     In the event that three or more candidates are nominated for the same office, the convention shall use multiple ballots to choose Party nominees.  In the case of multiple ballots, the first ballot shall be used to reduce the number of candidates to four if more than four candidates participate or by one if four or fewer than four participate.  Each following ballot shall drop the lowest vote getter until the two candidates remain.  The two top candidates shall participate in the final ballot.

G.     A candidate for an office that receives 70% or more of the votes cast at any point in the balloting process at the nominating conventions shall become the Party’s candidate without the necessity of running in the primary election.

H.     By 5:00 p.m. on Monday after the convention, the secretary of each nominating convention shall immediately certify to the county clerk the names of the Party’s nominees.

Section 3.  Primary Election

A.     When two candidates are nominated by the county nominating convention for the same office, both candidates shall run in a primary election to be held on the fourth Tuesday in June.  (In accordance with the Utah Code.)

Section 4.  Candidate Vacancies

A.     In the event that a Party candidate resigns, dies or becomes incapacitated after nomination at the county convention or after the primary election, that candidate shall be replaced by the County Central Committee.

Section 5.  Organizing Conventions

A.     On or before August 15th each odd-numbered year, a county organizing convention shall be held in the county.

B.     The Precinct Party Secretary shall mail a notice regarding the county organizing convention to every delegate to the previous year’s nominating convention.

C.     At the time and place designated by the Count Central Committee the county organizing convention shall be held to elect a county chair, vice-chair, and a secretary/treasurer.

D.     Nomination Procedure:

E.     The county chair and vice-chair shall serve as members of the State Central Committee and shall serve for two years.

Section 6.  Interpretative Principles

A.     In case of ambiguity, Article IX shall be interpreted to be consistent with the provision of the Utah Code as of January 1, 1997.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the Part in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws and any special rules of order and Party may adopt.